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Medical terms words that express or imply medical effects 2020-03-13

The "cold" mask, through e-commerce, social networking and other platforms, has performed very well in the Chinese market, achieving a 30% growth; the sinking of high-end brands has also led to price wars for mid-end domestic beauty products. Therefore, for domestic beauty brands, it is necessary to continuously develop and innovate, improve "product power", shape "brand soul", and at the same time establish a service community and build their own DNA to meet challenges. If you can't sink your heart to make products and brands, the explosion will only be short-lived, and you will not be able to survive forever in the competition of the beauty industry.

Medical terms, words that express or imply medical effects and effects. Such as prescription, medicinal, treatment, detoxification, anti-allergy, sterilization, spot-free, scar removal, hair growth, fat dissolving, weight loss, and various skin diseases names, and various disease names. 5. Names of medical celebrities.

Such as Shennong, Bian Yan, Cosmetic Jars suppliers, Zhang Zhongjing, Li Shizhen, Sun Siyi, Nightingale, Bethune and so on. 6. Name of the approved drug. Such as skin mite spirit. 7. Word meanings that are not related to the characteristics of the product and are difficult for consumers to understand. First, it is stricter on non-objective, non-specific, and deceptive words, such as exaggerated meaning, absolute meaning, false meaning, unrelated to the characteristics of the product, meanings that are difficult for consumers to understand, and vulgar. Sexual meaning and feudal superstition meaning. Second, the boundaries between cosmetic claims and other areas such as medical care are clearer.Such as decoding, digital, intelligent, infrared and so on. 8.

Vulgar word meaning. Such as "naked" is vulgar when it is used for "naked" and must not be used; it can be used when used for "naked makeup" (such as makeup cosmetics). 9. The meaning of feudal superstition. Such as ghosts, fairies, hexagrams, evil, soul. Another example is when "God" is used in "God" as a feudal superstition; it can be used when used in "Yeshen" (such as aromatic cosmetics). 10. Words that declare product use beyond the scope. For example, the special-purpose cosmetic claims shall not exceed the interpretation of the meaning of the special-purpose cosmetic stipulated in the "Cosmetics Supervision Regulations" and its implementing rules. Non-special-purpose cosmetics shall not claim the role of special-purpose cosmetics.

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