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The popularization of cosmetics safety science popularization week 2020-02-28

For example, the implementation of special rectification, strengthening of post-market supervision, optimization and simplification of registration and filing procedures, and the launch of cosmetics supervision APP . Annual event 2: Carrying out the investigation and disposal of the risk of cosmetics “online, net, offline, and clear source” The State Drug Administration revealed that on April 30, the official website of the State Drug Administration released “Online cosmetics,“ online, net, offline, clear source ”

"Notice of Risk Investigation and Disposal Work", to inspect and dispose of the security risks of the cosmetics online sales market nationwide, rectify and standardize the order of the cosmetics market, and gradually establish a cosmetic online sales supervision system. Event Comment: The State Drug Administration released "Questions and Answers" to clarify the boundary between drugs and cosmetics. So, how many things do you know about the related policies and events in the field of cosmetics supervision issued by the State Food and Drug Administration in 2019? Today, I will sort them out for you...

Event comment: The "Specifications" can effectively alleviate the contradiction between the large demand for cosmetics registration and record inspection and the relative lack of inspection resources, shorten the time for enterprise product inspection, and speed up the launch of new products. Incident review: Overseas inspections reflect fair competition and consistent domestic and foreign regulatory thinking, which is of great significance to actively guide the development of the cosmetics industry and protect the safety of people's makeup. Event Comment:

The cosmetics supervision cosmetic acrylic jar factory has access to the China Article Numbering Center database and the drug registration department's cosmetics registration filing database through mobile software, which have been well received. Event Comment: The popularization of cosmetics safety science popularization week has become an important opportunity to consolidate the co-governance force of cosmetics safety and governance, and promote the concept of social co-governance of cosmetics safety. Event Comment: 

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