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Consumers may never know that we have UV coated cans 2020-02-22

Seduction Collection series Nail polish bottle Manufacturers is the main example of Absolute Chanel's new packaging," the official emphasized. Chanel produces its products at four production sites and is infusion packaging, three of which are in France and one in the United States. Our beauty business is unique in that Chanel product development is handled through our color studio in Paris, where products and The source of the packaging concept.

Consumers may never know that we have UV coated cans, but they will Benefit. According to a report by the global supplier of business information and data Euromonitor International, "2004 US Cosmetics Market", last year US high-end beauty products, including make-up, perfume, skin care, sunscreen and hair care, had total sales of $ 13.4 billion. "With the help of design from Lloyd and Company, we explore creating masculine, distinctive and luxurious packaging.

This is achieved by delivering luxury in less obvious, more subconscious, and more personal ways. In packaging, we have a major starting point for all our product categories. For classic and well-known brands that offer a wide range of colors, perfumes, treatments and personal care, such as Estee Lauder and Chanel, maintaining an image while maintaining modernity and fashion is a delicate balancing act. In short, our packaging has always had the potential value of quality and luxury. It takes on a completely new shape, with the lid being injection molded ABS and then over-molded in a soft Santoprene material to obtain an ergonomically finished surface.02 billion.

"We work closely together in the design of the SKIN series of packaging," said the head of Zirh. (Boutique) is difficult to implement. What is passed is that our product packaging is Charming and unexpected, but never confusing.

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