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This is also one of the many reasons why we have shifted 2020-01-19

It has 80% milk fat, 16% moisture mix 3% salt and 1% curd, all natural and healthy ingredients when consumed within reason. A usual bugbear however is availability or rather inconsistent availability which is further hindered by exorbitant prices largely due to the cost of export.

This campaign has stretched over a few decades and is recognized as one of the longest running and most successful advertising campaigns that the world has been sensitized to in the history of product and brand advertising. What started years ago as a move to strike out the mal practices and troubles caused by the corrupt middle man has blossomed into a business that literally gives the gift of life and sustenance to millions of dairy farmers across the country. Toast for the ones who prefer a dash of bread in the mornings and paranthas or chappatis for the more desi cuisine aficionados, are all incomplete without a healthy and generous dollop of India’s favourite butter, Amul Butter. This is the butter that everyone trusts.

This milk is then processed in 184 specialized District Co-operative Unions only to be marketed by 22 State Marketing Federations.     It is important to keep in mind that Amul Butter has been the butter of choice to the nation for almost as long as India has been in existence.

This was the beginning of Perfume Spray Bottles Manufacturers which took to production like wildfire. Kwat basically meant to ferment or become sour. Scientists soon discovered how to produce rennet in mass demanding quantities and this phenomenon gave rise to the industrial cheese production revolution. It is a product that has sold successfully without parallel for a staggering period of over six decades. This is also one of the many reasons why we have shifted from buying our milk from them to the considerably safer and organized packaging options. It is available across all the packaging in smaller 100 gram quantities and can go up to the larger 1 kg packets for industrial and larger commercial use as well. 

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